Auction Process



Kindly contact us via phone or email to arrange a complimentary in-home consultation. During this session, one of our experienced auctioneers will assess the items and/or property alongside you, engaging in a comprehensive discussion regarding the optimal solutions available to assist you. This consultation will also encompass a thorough review of our terms and conditions, ensuring a well-executed process.


Marketing & Advertisement:

Once contracts are mutually accepted and signed, our operational efforts commence. The dedicated collaboration of our proficient Marketing and Sales team comes into play, initiating the process of photographing and meticulously promoting the upcoming auction. Our extensive network grants us access to a diverse range of auction platforms, ensuring widespread visibility. Furthermore, our outreach extends to local newspapers within the tri-state area, effectively disseminating information. Lastly, a robust presence on social media platforms, coupled with strategic engagement in relevant interest groups, enables us to effectively target a broader audience, aligning with the essence of what we offer.


Auction Setup:

In anticipation of the auction, our proficient team is fully mobilized and prepared. For off-site auctions, our comprehensive fleet of trailers and hauling vehicles ensures efficient transportation to our designated location. In cases of on-site auctions, our meticulous approach involves the removal of all waste, debris, and non-valuable materials, optimizing the property for auction. Subsequently, we meticulously arrange the auction items on tables or in easily visible locations, enhancing their accessibility for potential buyers. To facilitate informed purchasing decisions, we conduct an open house on the day preceding the sale. Our staff is present on-site, offering buyers the opportunity to preview items firsthand and seek clarification on any queries, thus ensuring a well-informed clientele come sale day


Auction Day:

Wheeler Auctioneering undertakes the entirety of auction day proceedings with the utmost professionalism, guided by a complete team encompassing auctioneers, clerks, administrative personnel, and support staff responsible for load-out and bid assistance. For any loading requirements, our team ensures the provision of equipment and personnel, facilitating a seamless load-out process for buyers.


Post Auction:

Following the auction, Wheeler Auctioneering will promptly issue a check within fifteen days, deducting our commission and any applicable costs. This payment will be accompanied by a comprehensive itemized list detailing all items sold on auction day, including their respective prices, culminating in a comprehensive and detailed final financial summary. For any items that remain unsold, we can assist in coordinating their donation or responsible disposal, ensuring a judicious approach aligned with the best course of action.